About ProgAtom

ProgAtom is a band consisting of Åsmund Mjelva, Arild Sveum, Mattis Sørum, Rune Ulen og Tore Christer Storlid.

Mattis Sørum
has worked with a wide variety of music for more than 20 years. The last 10 years, however, he has focused mostly on prog rock, and he established the Pictorial Wand in 2005 (www.pictorialwand.com). In 2006 and 2009 he came out with two critically acclaimed albums that were both nominated for best prog album in Italy. Today  Sørum runs the Lydbildet studio in Dombås. In addition to prog rock, he works with cinematic music, and is currently working on his first cinematically inspired album, “Rise of Origin” with a planned release in 2019.

Arild Sveum
has been an active band musician from a young age, and he enjoys beeing the leader of a band on stage. He has extensive experience and skill with synthesisers, and can proficiently play a wide range of instruments. He has worked extensively as a freelance musician, and has a wide breadth of tastes and skills within a variety of genres. Prog rock, however, is the music that he holds closest to his heart. He is a teacher of Music Production and plays with a wide assortment of bands. Arild has worked with several artists on a variety of albums.

Rune Ulen
is a passionate hunter, but also an excellent drummer. In additin to progressice rock – he also plays a lot of blues.

Åsmund Mjelva
has extensive music education and music background. Åsmund has worked in music administration and as a band/musician for several years. He started playing in a band at a young age, and has been working with several different styles and instruments ever since. He has also worked as a conductor of orchestras and in ensembles. He has also made a Norwegian version of a well known ear training program. Åsmund has composed music for several theatre plays, and has also been editing songbooks.

Tore Christer Storlid
is a self taught musician with a lot of experience in most genres, most relevantly: funk, soul, progressive rock and metal. He works has a freelance musician as guitarist, bassist and vocalist. Currently he plays with artists like Myrna Braza, Erik Søfteland and Jarle H. Olsen. Tore Christer has contributed on many albums.

Feel free to contact us at asmund@mjelvamusikk.no regarding bookings, review or anything else.